We are the Voice for Harness Racing

The Indiana Standardbred Association (ISA), a non-profit organization led by 15 elected directors, was created in 1994 as the result of a merger between the Indiana Trotting and Pacing Association (ITPHA) and the Standardbred Owners and Breeders of Indiana (SOBI). The ITPHA, dating back to the 1920s, provides ISA’s foundation to our state’s harness racing heritage. The merger was a move to restructure Indiana’s Standardbred organization to benefit the harness horse people of Indiana and to better meet their needs.

The ISA supports the Indiana Standardbred Horse Racing Industry and all of its affiliated horsemen and women. ISA continually strives to meet the needs and wishes of the harness people of Indiana and to more favorably position the association to represent the harness horse industry in matters involving the legislature, the Indiana Horse Racing Commission (IHRC), pari-mutuel race track management, and other matters directly involving members’ interests.


Currently, the ISA represents more than 2500 members and is the only recognized Standardbred association in Indiana designated to represent the industry at Indiana’s pari-mutuel race tracks and the IHRC. Membership is voluntary with an annual membership fee of $25. Anyone can become a member. Members do not have to be from the state of Indiana. Limited benefits are available with a paid membership. To see a list of benefits, please refer to the second page of the 2018 Membership Application.

The purpose of ISA is to promote and increase interest in harness horses and harness racing; to represent and establish cooperation between county, state, and pari-mutuel racetrack operations, breeders, owners, trainers, drivers, and grooms; to sponsor and promote Standardbred racing, breeding, training, and development programs in the state of Indiana; to represent horsemen and women for negotiations with racetrack operations; and to take other actions in the furtherance of the Standardbred Racing Industry in the state of Indiana. For further information on the association and its governing please read the by-laws of the Indiana Standardbred Association.